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A-to-Z Wrap Up

The A to Z Challenge was:
Challenging (Duh!),
Gross [I’m looking at YOU here, MopDog, with your 26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary! ;-)]
Not something I will do again!,
Relaxed (once I got some written and scheduled ahead of time),
Well worth the effort,
X-rated (well, some of it),
Zipped up and DONE!!


Thank you to everyone who read  and even more so to everyone who WROTE!


Z is (at last) for Zen Tangles



Abstract yet structured, detailed and mesmerizing, Zen Tangles are doodles on steroids. Awesome, right?

NOT mine; I'm not that clever.

NOT mine; I’m not that clever. Click for source webpage.

And a great way to use the scary Z of the A-to-Z challenge. Which was never really scary for me, because I had figured out WAY back at D or E that this is what I would do Z about. And so I never bothered to write it. I knew what it was going to be – a little chatter about what it is (semi-structured doodling, meditation, art), a little history lesson (haven’t been able to uncover when, but Rick Roberts and Mary Thomas [zentangle.com] kind of evolved it and now share it with the world), show some awesome examples scraped from tha werlt white wepp (see above), and then do one of my own and oh how we would laugh at my feeble attempt.


Yep, all mine. See the difference?

Yep, all mine. See the difference?

But then since I KNEW what I was going to do, I didn’t bother to DO it. I left it til the LAST minute and now I don’t have the time or the energy or the inclination to do the subject justice. So this is all you get – do your own research.


And just a note: I am totally blown away by that basket-weave-looking bit right at the very bottom of the cat’s … well… bottom. I tried and tried to do that one, but made a complete hash of it every time.

Written as the FINAL entry of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.


Y is for Yankees


If you Google “how many peachtree”, (unless your history has some very odd queries stored away), you’ll probably come up with a whole bunch of entries about the names of Roads, Streets, Boulevards, etc in Atlanta GA, all of which are named Peachtree something. Mostly it seems the authors of these entries all agree that there are ANY with that name because of an Creek Indian settlement named either “peach tree” or “pitch tree”.  None of them explains  why so MANY though.

The story I heard was that after the Yankees (aka the “north”,  not the baseball team) burned it down in 1864, Atlanta decided to make it too difficult for us to find it again.

It didn’t work.

Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.

X is for Xenodocheionology



Ok, this one might be cheating a bit. I just read the list of X words at The International House of Logorrhea and picked one that I knew I could write something about.

Xenodocheionology is the love of inns and hotels. And I DO love them! I love the little shampoos and soaps and lotions; I love the crackly crispy sheets; I love the little tea-making tray with kettle and Walkers shortbread (obviously I’m talking about hotels that AREN’T in the USA on this one); I love the weird shower/bath faucets and handles – no two alike anywhere in the world.

I love the adventure of opening closed doors – ironing board? Bathrobes? SLIPPERS???

And you never know what you’ll find:

Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.

W is for What I Like


I don’t collect Weird  stuff on purpose, it just seems to fall into my life. Like this ridiculous collection of refrigerator magnets. Yes, that IS a giant haggis magnet. Hagnet.


Next are my empty gold frames.  They were sitting around waiting for pictures til I decided they’d look better on  the wall than on the floor.


And no, my walls are NOT the same color as my refrigerator… not sure WHAT  the iPhone camera is doing with color.

Then there’s the world’s largest clothespin, shown with mouse for scale:


A dead bird, wearing a sombrero and some bling! (We didn’t kill it, it came to us through Mr Tater’s family, no one knows how)


A clock that looks like a plant. Next to another tiny clock, neither of which is showing the correct time!


 Inscrutable kitten, with scarf:


These  are the fortunes that were in the cookies that Mr Tater and I had with our Chinese dinner the night before our wedding.


In case you can’t read them in the photo they say:

An aura of glamour and mystery  surrounds your events of the week.


Stop searching forever. Happiness is just next to you.

Uh-huh. Awesome, right?

True story.

Of course, my long-time followers (ha) will recognize the fabulous tissue box in my work cube:


And finally, the reason I’ve resisted getting a new phone.

This wonderful sticker from Wondermark:  http://store.wondermark.com/products/hyperbolic

which fits perfectly on the back of my antique iPhone 4:


I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside what I think is fun. It’s Who I am.

Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.

V is for Vuvuzela


According to Time Magazine’s April 13, 2015 issue, due to a rise in elephant attacks, Uganda has begun advising people to scare them off with Vuvuzelas, rather than by firing guns into the air.

Apparently the elephants find the horns as annoying as humans do.

Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.

T is for Tidy



I hate cleaning. Dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, polishing – ugh. Boring. Horrible. But Tidying? Love it. Going from one end of a room (or even the whole house) picking things up, putting them in their places, straightening the crooked, aligning the misaligned – love it. SUCH a sense of accomplishment.

The kitchen is the worst offender (yes, it’s the KITCHEN’s fault, not ours). We, Mr Tater and I, have a very bad habit of coming in the door from the garage and just dumping whatever we have in our hands on the kitchen table. It’s a pretty good sized table, and there’s just the two of eating from it, so there’s plenty of room to dump stuff. Library books just coming in, or needing to go out, random coupons or flyers we’ve picked up, an odd keychain that no one remembers acquiring, 3 pens… you get the idea. And between tidying flurries, more stuff keeps coming in and pushing the old stuff closer to the middle. Eventually it starts encroaching on the eating part of the table  and then it’s Time To Tidy!

The other major culprit is at the far end of the countertop, in a corner. It seems that torn-out magazine recipes, printed-out online recipes, coupons from the pizza joint (after they have been tidied off the kitchen table), pens, rubber bands… detritus of all sorts end up in this corner. Eventually, it spreads along the counter until it begins to interfere in food prep and then  it’s Time To Tidy!

After I finish this post, I’m going to go Tidy. Once I get down to bare surfaces, I will smile and think I’ve done some good in the world.


Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.

S is for Selfish


alternate title: S is for Surely They Don’t Mean ME! 

What is it that gets in these peoples’ heads? Are they defective? Were they raised wrong? How do they LIVE with themselves?

You know who I mean – the ones who will toss the piece of paper on the floor RIGHT BESIDE THE TRASH CAN and not pick it up.

The ones who, in the break room, take the last of something (Styrofoam cup, sugar, spoon, anything)  and leave the empty container just sitting  on the counter-top. Generally right UNDER the sign that says, “Additional supplies are located in cabinet 4”. And even though  cabinet 4 is right there within arm’s reach.

The SAME ones who heat something the microwave and when it boils  over,  just LEAVE the mess  there for someone else to clean up.

Who spill sugar all over the counter and LEAVE it there.

Who send a document to the printer and upon discovering that the printer is out of paper, SEND IT TO A DIFFERENT PRINTER, thus making YOU (the next person who needs to print) not only have to load the paper, but also wait and watch someone else’s  35-page piece of crap print out before you can get YOURS.

Where do they LEARN this stuff?????

Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.

R is for Revisiting


  • Once every two or three years I read Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace; it can’t be any more often than that, it takes a couple of years to wear off in between.
  • I watch Overboard and The Princess Bride whenever I run across them  on one of those cable channels which seem to exist purely to  run old movies.
  • Right before each new Harry Potter book came out (and yes, I realize I was WAY too old for them, don’t care, they were amazing, still are) I would read all of the previous ones, in chronological order, to refresh my memory.
  • Every time we go to London, we go to the Dickens Tavern, no matter what part of the city we’re staying in.

Some things just  Require Revisiting. New eyes, new perspective, new results.

What are some things that YOU keep doing over and over again?


Written as part of the April 2015 A to Z Challenge.