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damned formatting

I am so unhappy with my new theme. No matter how I format while writing, SHAAN decides where the breaks are going to come and how spread out it will be. Grrr… (breathe in, breathe out, Ned, breathe in, breathe out, Mr Tater)

This is the weekend of Try 1000 Themes til I find the right one. Even if I have to <gulp> PAY for it.




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Blogging101 – Love Your Theme


Our assignment was to look into at least 3 new themes, and to be sure to try one we didn’t like. Ahh poo, I thought, I don’t want to try things I don’t like.

Don't WANT to!!

Don’t WANT to!!

But I wanted this story to end happily, so I decided that I would search out the Worst Theme Available – try it – love it – and keep it forever.

However, it turns out that I know myself pretty well. I tried and QUICKLY un-tried what I thought was the clunkiest, ugliest, most kludgy theme out there. (I don’t want to name names in case anyone is using it and gets their feeling hurt.) Phew – it was awful. I felt bad for my previous posts that they had to live there even for just a few minutes.

So, quick wrap-up now, yadda-yadda-yadda, I tried about 15 different themes, and ended up with the one you’re looking at now.

Unless you’re reading this in The Future (!!) and I’ve changed it again.

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