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Weekly Smile Fail #1

Trent, over at Trent’s World (the blog) is hosting a Weekly Smile… Here’s mine, now what made YOU smile this week?

Umm… Well, THIS is awkward.

I’ve been excited about this because it would be the first time I was in on one of these serial thingies right from the start. I even pre-wrote that cute opening line, figuring I can use it every week. I went to bed last night just SURE I was going to have something awesomely smile-worthy to write about by noon, at the latest.

I went through my whole day just WAITING for that perfect smiley moment.

Waiting for the funny.

Heeeere it comes. HERE comes the smile.

And then….

Worst. Day. Ever.

Ok, Ok, so nobody died or got arrested or got fired or chipped a tooth or broke a nail.

But it was still a crap day.

And THAT is making me smile NOW, now that I’m home and full of dinner, and tucked up into my jammies with a cup of tea, because “best laid plans…” and all.

Let’s see if I can put less pressure on next week and find something to smile at 🙂